Web Services - Digital Mastiff
Web Services – Digital Mastiff

What we do

We provide web services and our goal is customer satisfaction. We work hard – and smart! – to build great web apps and websites, and even harder to build great relationships.

Web Development

First time online? Digital Mastiff develops tailored, functional, and powerful websites, e-commerce, and web applications. Do you have an old solution? Let us analyze your solution to assess which framework or CMS is the best fit for a renewal of your codebase. Digital Mastiff can also manage for you an additional protection layer to protect your applications from malicious attacks.

Web Design

A contemporary, animated, and fresh look web design creates a professional first impression to your customers. An optimal web design allows you to get more engagement among your users and potential customers. We work with user experience, mobile-friendly, page speed, and SEO concepts in mind in order to deliver the best online tools for your online presence.

Web Integration

Third-party systems are an essential part of the internet ecosystem: suppliers, payments, email broadcasting, stock inventory, invoicing, and more. Your business must communicate with external systems. We integrate external platforms into your workflow. These integrations could improve your business, automating complex and intricate processes.

Web Maintenance

Technological evolution runs at the lightning speed, and any website needs to be maintained in order to function efficiently and to provide an excellent user experience. Let us manage speed monitoring, security scan, backups, and platform and packages updates. Let you have complete peace of mind whilst knowing that your website is being looked after.

Web Optimization

Web optimization can really affect your conversions. Mobile devices generate at least half of the web traffic worldwide or more. Your site must be fully responsive in order to decrease the abandonment of the users. Imagine if you landed on a website using a mobile phone and couldn’t navigate around on it without resizing, scrolling, and the form was just hell to fill in.

WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for a custom feature and you cannot find any free or paid plugin that satisfies your needs? Digital Mastiff develops custom WordPress plugins from scratch, which you can use to add unique functionality to your website or sell as products to your customers. We can also provide plugin customization, for example adding new feature on your Woocommerce.