Digital Mastiff - Web Design Services
Digital Mastiff – Web Design Services

A fresh new interface design

Digital Mastiff is a web development and design company and believes that a contemporary, animated, unique, and fresh look web design is key for a professional first impression to your customers. We offer a wide range of web designs based on our customer’s needs, targets, and budgets.

Website architecture, modern coding, optimized speed, and mobile-friendly philosophy are the pillars of our process to implement the best solution for each of our customers.


An optimal web design has proven to get more engagement among users and potential customers. For that reason, Digital Mastiff takes advantage of the Mobile-first philosophy: with a large user base using a mobile device, it’s essential to firstly think about this huge target.

Our Process

After the analysis phase, we decide which platform fits better for you, typically following the below process:

  • Website structure
    • outline the overall structure of the website’s content, and have an overview of how the individual pages are linked to one another.
  • Wireframe
    • prioritizes the content functionalities drawing a page schematic,  arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.
  • Homepage
    • design the first version of the homepage; subsequently, the styles of fonts and colors would be applied all over the website pages.

Related services

Digital Mastiff takes care of different aspects of web design such as user experiencemobile-friendlypage speed, and SEO concepts in order to deliver the best online tools for your online presence. Speed is a killer, so decreasing page load time can drastically increase conversions. The less your users will wait until your website appears on their devices, the higher is the possibility to convert their visit.

A trustworthy web design provider

In short, Digital Mastiff is a competent and efficient partner who can support your digital journey.