Web Integration - Digital Mastiff
Web Integration – Digital Mastiff

Connect applications

Digital Mastiff provides web integration services to improve your business. The main goal is to automating complex and intricate processes and integrating third-party applications, such as CRMERPemail broadcastingstock inventoryinvoicing, and more.

This includes transferring data from one application to another in a scheduled way or moving data from a legacy system into a modern one. In short, application integration is used to make life easier.


Digital Mastiff can implement mechanisms to perform repetitive and manual tasks with automation: from simple tasks, such as importing a comma-separated values (CSV) file or collecting ratings and reviews from the social platforms, to more complex activities like custom e-commerce integration, for example, synchronizing ordered items quantities with inventory management systems.

In other words, you can enter data once and connect it to multiple applications instead of entering the same data into each of your applications. When you add new data into an application that has been integrated with other applications, the data will be automatically distributed throughout the connected applications.

Automation will drastically reduce human error and improve efficiency while decreasing workload, so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Our services

Digital Mastiff provides different types of web integrations:

  • API integration
    • Sharing data and communicate via APIs without human interruption
  • Data Integration
    • Developing data connectors and middleware to integrate application data and data storage
  • Social Network Integration
    • Displaying information collected from different social media on a single user interface
  • Custom integration
    • Implementing tailored systems integration to your specific needs and services

A trustworthy web integration provider

In short, Digital Mastiff is a competent and efficient partner who can support your digital journey.