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Run smoothly

Technological evolution runs at lightning speed, and any website has to function efficiently to provide an excellent user experience. Keep a great website, always up, and users will stay longer to discover all about your business.

Regular monitoring and updates are a must for keeping your business running smoothly.

Website health

Let us run periodic speed monitoring, manage security scans and backups, perform platform and packages updates. Regular maintenance of your website will prevent any unexpected issues that might arise. In fact, your website helps grow your sales, it’s obvious that if your site doesn’t work properly, you’ll miss out on potential sales.

In other words, deploy your business online it’s just the first step of your journey, but then you must stay up-to-date and never lower your guard. For that reason we are here: we’ll be the digital mastiff protecting your herd!

Digital Mastiff provides weekly, monthly, and annual checks. An analysis of your security issues is essential to make sure they’re resolved in a prompt and effective manner. In addition, Digital Mastiff will provide regular reports and updates.

Our services

Digital Mastiff takes care of crucial aspects of running a website in a long run by providing web maintenance services.

Typically, web maintenance services include:

  • Performance checks
    • Perform periodic performance checks to keep a high page speed score.
  • Security checks
    • Perform a security check to grant that all of your sites are clean and safe.
  • Vulnerability Updates
    • Proactive security maintenance to avoid malware and fix vulnerable websites.
  • Quick Fix
    • Perform quick tasks like single page updating, a section removing, your contact form editing, the bug fix on that page, and so on.

Need a maintenance service for your website, ecommerce or web app? Check our pricing for maintenance.

A trustworthy web maintenance services provider

In short, Digital Mastiff is a competent and efficient partner who can support your digital journey.