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Web Optimization – Digital Mastiff

For a better user experience

Think about the last time you landed on a website with your smartphone and it loaded slowly, you couldn’t navigate around without resizing and scrolling, plus the form was just hell to fill in. Didn’t you get frustrated soon? You quit the site, didn’t you?

The goal

The goal of web optimization is to keep your users satisfied while navigating through your website, no matter the devices they use. Happy users are most likely to buy products or services.

Web optimization can really affect your conversions. Mobile devices generate at least half of the web traffic worldwide or more. Your site must be fully responsive in order to decrease the abandonment of the users.

Our services

Overall, optimizing your website or your web app enhances the user experience, decreases bounce rate and it increases average time on site. Digital Mastiff provides:

  • Page speed optimization
  • A web optimization
    • No matter how big a screen is (phone, tablet, or desktop), your site will fit and present information in a clear way. This process is based on a Mobile-first design approach.
  • A responsive design
    • If your website looks old and is not mobile-friendly, Digital Mastiff can fix this by providing an additional responsive style, which allows your website to fill the screen correctly. Users will then avoid zooming and frustration.


A not-optimized website can penalize you on SERP. Studies have shown that fast page speed will result in a better conversion rate. Certainly, web optimization is an important ranking factor for Google.

Here an example of a Page speed optimization:

Page Speed Optimization – Before
Page Speed Optimization – After

A trustworthy web optimization provider

In short, Digital Mastiff is a competent and efficient partner who can support your digital journey.