Digital Mastiff - WordPress Plugins
Digital Mastiff – WordPress Plugins

A unique feature

Are you looking for a unique feature for your WordPress-based website? Can’t you find any free or paid plugin that satisfies your needs? Digital Mastiff develops custom WordPress plugins from scratch, so you can add unique functionality to your website or resell them as products to your customers.

For example, some of our clients need to integrate external content into their website (from Google, Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms). We are able then to realize a new plugin that satisfies their needs, with a useful dashboard integrate into their WordPress backend.

Our code is built on WordPress Coding Standards, in order to develop our software in a way that is less complex and thereby reduces errors. If the coding standards are followed, the code is consistent and can be easily maintained.

WordPress Plugin customization

Plugins like Woocommerce are really popular, and business owners often ask for its customization. Don’t worry then if you need extra functionality on top of it, Digital Mastiff will provide a new feature starting from your current solution.

Our process

As per the classic development process, here an overview of our WordPress plugin development process:

  • Meet and plan
  • Discover and define the requirements
  • Analysis
  • Design and prototype
  • Development
  • Test and fix
  • Customer evaluation and feedback
  • Release
  • Maintenance

Related services

Digital Mastiff will analyze your website to optimize your plugins park: often, websites built by a designer or by not technical people are bloated by dozen of plugins. As result, you got a very slow website.

In fact, you don’t need a WordPress plugin to cover every single topic: for example, SSL doesn’t need to be configured by a plugin, instead, the right server configuration is enough. The same goes for a lot of other functionality.

We will then simplify and lighten the load, to ensure a fast website speed.

A trustworthy web development provider

In short, Digital Mastiff is a competent and efficient partner who can support your digital journey.